Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monster Hats

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

TCAL with Kim

Today I joined the Crochet Along that will start on July 1,2013. Getting excited! I did one last November when we made Tunisian Cabled Mitts. They were a lot of fun! I made quite a few to give as Christmas gifts. Really worked up fast, it was an easy take along project. My favorite pair were in pink (which I kept for myself... I JUST LOVE PINK!)

Tunisian Cabled Mitts
Here's the TCAL group that I joined:

I purchased my yarn, dug out my Denise Crochet Hooks and now I'm (im)patiently waiting for my book to arrive from Amazon!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Crafty at Work

Crocheting in the Women's Locker Room
Is it crochet or "Locker Hooking"?

My commute to/from work is 55 minutes each way. On the way to work is daylight; on the way home it's close to midnight. I get plenty of crafty time when it isn't my week to drive. Daylight is for crochet, patchwork or embroidery. Night time is for catching up on YouTube via my cellphone.
This week, I'm working on an afghan for my nephew. The afghan is a sampler of different stitches- with single crochet in blue denim color being the main stitch.

Crafting in public offers a chance to let others view a special side of yourself. Instead of seeing a stressed coworker, they see a calm, relaxed and cheerful person. It also offers a chance to teach your craft!

Friday, July 8, 2011


This is Black Betty

Betty has 5 new little chicks!

We thought we lost her a few weeks ago because she didn't come in to the chicken coop to roost at night.  There are coyotes around, they howl at the trains going by during the night. I assumed she ended up being a chicken dinner for them.
Imagine my surprise as I was having my morning coffee on the deck...

They are the cutest little chicks, I didn't separate the new family from the rest of the flock. At night, Betty just roosts on the floor of the coop with her babies tucked underneath her.

 Sometimes we have to help gather the brood together, the little ones forget how to get into the coop!

Thelma and Teensie

We also have Thelma with a brand new chick, "Teensie".

Monday, January 24, 2011


Since Christmas, the snow has blanketed most of the United States and it was reported on the news last week that it was in 49 out of 50 States - sorry Florida! Really, you were the lucky State!


Got our feet up- "RELAXICATIN"
Looking out at the lonely tree

Winter View from the balcony of the Clifty Inn
a "blue" time of year
 Most of us have cabin fever and are sick of snow. I'm not as bothered by it because I'm still housebound. I can only walk around the house until my feet are healed. Refrigerator to stove to recliner (gained a few pounds!). Now I'm on a crochet/knit diet. Lots of fiber and drinking lots of water. Fiber being wool/cotton and after every round or a few rows- I take a big swig of water!! No snacking when you are working with your hook or needles. Gotta keep things neat and clean. I feel centered when I have my hands busy. Handcrafts put my life into perspective, I know what matters most. Finding peace while my feet heal...

I can wear shoes again, yipeee!
Reading a good book while learning to knit!
Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Wool

 I've been learning to knit using #10 needles and bulky yarn from KnitPicks, figured I could felt it afterwards and make a handbag!


                                                                 My daughter gave me LION BRAND'S THICK AND QUICK wool blend.yarn for Christmas. It was really quick and easy to make,this afghan, took me only 2 days. Very warm and soft to snuggle under when the wind is howling outside!

I love,love, love them!!
they make me happy
never knew a Granny I didn't like-
soft pastel. like a bowl of party mints!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

3.8 Earthquake shakes Central Indiana

I woke up to the sound of rumbling and shaking! I knew that it was an earthquake, I used to live in California in the 70's. Waking up to lamps wobbling off the table and dishes rattling in the cupboards was a long way behind me - I thought!
Okay Carole King, sing your song...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


My little helper
This Little Helper came into my life a couple of years ago. She's a " Pro" at her job, works harder than any other in the kitchen and doesn't complain when I leave her standing in the corner. Cute as a cupcake, sometimes a tart, but OHHH! CHEESECAKE!!! 
That's what she's famous for.....
and now, let me introduce to you- the one, the only:

**Jane Dough**

Meet Jane Dough!
I always like to bake and freeze a few Cheesecakes to keep on hand for special occasions. The plain New York Style keeps the best. I just use the recipe on the back of the KEEBLER Graham Cracker Crumb box, they turn out beautifully!